Experience a working game farm

You don’t need to go anywhere other than the farm if you choose not to. You can simply relax at the cottage, bird watch and observe sable feeding in the camp in front of your veranda. Or if you are feeling adventurous you can have the unique experience of joining feed runs to the sable and nyala as well as daily checks on the buffalo and other game in the breeding camps, or on the greater part of the farm. These are just a few of the experiences a working farm has to offer you.


The area has many bird species that you can spot from your veranda, on walks or drives.

Join the feed run

Accompany staff on a unique experience of feeding the game animals and monitoring the breeding herds of nyala, sable, black impala and buffalo.

Game drive

You can pre-arrange for staff to take you onto the farm and see if you can spot some of the plains game, including zebra, giraffe, warthog and kudu. If you are out at night keep your eyes peeled for the elusive leopard and resident brown hyena.

Hide experience

We can drop you at one of the hides on the farm for the morning to enjoy the peace of the bush and to see what animals come to drink. Perfect uninterrupted photo opportunities!

Private spa treatment

With prior arrangement, we can organise a spa therapist to come to the farm for treatments from the comfort of the cottage.


If there is an empty camp you can walk unaccompanied to enjoy a stroll in the bush and appreciate the smaller things.


Either cycle in buffalo free areas of the farm or venture out of the farm on the network of gravel roads in the area. You might be lucky to spot a cheetah or rhino on neighbouring properties! For the fitter guest, you can cycle to some of the closer attractions including Leysdorp hotel for lunch or the giant baobab.